East Room
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Sixteen-foot high ceilings, arcade windows and a marble fireplace flanked by topiaries are hallmarks of the East Room. Abounding in warmth and graciousness, the room is ideal for small family gatherings, meetings, luncheons or teas.

Joined together with the West Room and/or the Private Dining Room, adjacent spaces on the same floor, the East Room can accommodate much larger events.

If you're looking for flexibility, the East Room, the West Room and the Private Dining Room can be arranged to suit almost any occasion. The entire floor, along with its own coatroom and powder rooms, is available evenings and weekends.

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Dimensions: 16' 6' x 20 8"
Location: 4th Floor
Dining Capacity: 24
Cocktails Capacity: 30
In-Row Seating Capacity: 20
Lighting: Natural Light, Lamp Light
Outdoor Available: Window terraces
Dining Available: Yes
Meal Types Available: Buffet, Sit-Down

Please note: Added furniture such as a buffet table or piano will change the room capacity.